6th August


Medical Committee Minutes Jan 1900 – Nov 1912 NHNN/A/9/2

Letter to the Chairman of the Board of Management from the Medical Committee


We have seen with much surprise that the Special General Meeting of Governors and Subscribers “to consider and determine the following questions, that is to say (1) Whether the demand of the medical and surgical staff for direct representation upon the Board should be granted, and (2) whether it is desirable to hold a further enquiry into the condition of the hospital” has been fixed by the Board of Management for Saturday the 11th instant. That date has been selected, according to the Secretary-Director, as representing “the earliest day permitted by the rules.” Unfortunately it falls in the very heart of the holiday season, when it will be impossible for any large proportion of the Governors to attend it. The great majority of the medical staff will also be away from town. Under these circumstances, feeling that a full and fair consideration of the questions is impossible at this time, we have the honour to request that the meeting be postponed till the end of October, when an adequate attendance of Governors can be secured. We have to inform you that it is not possible for us to be represented at the meeting on the 11th instant, or to take part in it. We would point out that any decision arrived at on Saturday next cannot be regarded as final, and that we shall be ready at a meeting summoned at an appropriate time to place fully before the Governors our view of the question at issue.


On This Day is a diary of day to day life in the Hospital covering 1859 to the 1940’s.

Extracts are taken from the staff records, letters, the reports of the Matron and the Lady Superintendent, and the minutes of the Board of Management and the Medical Committee. They were compiled with the help of Janet Townsend, Frankie Alves, Louise Shepherd and Michael Clark.

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