14th January



Board of Management Minutes: Nov 1859 – Jan 1865 NHNN/A/4/1

At a meeting of the Board held this day at 1 Turnwheel Lane, City

Present Mr Alderman Wire (Chair), Messrs J. Parker, A.W. Clarke, E.H. Chandler, Alderman Hale, R.C. Barton.

It was resolved that Mr Parker be requested on behalf of the Committee to arrange all the preliminary business respective to the house 3 Vernon Place, Bloomsbury Square offered at one hundred pounds per annum paying taxes for one year certain and to report thereon. (27/01/1860: Instead the Board resolved “that the House 24 Queen Square Bloomsbury be taken at a rental not exceeding £110 pa”).

The following letter was to be included in the minutes


Owing to distressing circumstances which have disturbed me for the last ten days, I have neglected to acknowledge as I should have done the reception of the letter you wrote to inform me officially of my election to the office of Physician to the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic.

I have written to Mr Alderman Wire, Chairman of the Committee to pray him to offer my thanks to the Committee.

Believe me sir, yours very sincerely,

(signed)E. Brown Sequard”

It was resolved that Miss Bevington’s offer to give a concert in aid of the Charity be accepted under Mr Chandler’s arrangements.


Nursing and domestic staff: appointments register 1881-1902 NHNN/S/13/1

Edward Q, Attendant

“Left Jan 14th 1898. Was asked to resign. Dr Stuart would not allow him to pass catheters on account of his carelessness.”


Medical Committee Minutes Jan 1900 – Nov 1912 NHNN/A/9/2

The Medical Committee, having taken into consideration the preliminary basis of agreement arrived at by representatives of the Board and of the Staff respectively, under the presidency of Lord Lister, upon Dec 19th and 20th, 1900, hereby resolve as follows:

I. They welcome a full and searching enquiry, such as they have repeatedly asked for, by a Commission, to be constituted as provided by Resolution IV, into all matters in controversy between themselves and the Board.

II. The Commission to be one of enquiry, not of arbitration.

III. The enquiry to include:

a. All the charges made by the Medical Staff in the statement dated May 1900.

b. The question of facility of intercommunication between the staff and the board.

c. The question of the past administration of the Hospital.

d. The position and acts of the Secretary Director.

e. The existing rules and byelaws, so far as any member of the Commission may deem necessary.

f. The inspection of all official books, documents, letters, etc. which may be demanded by any member of the Commission.

g. The demand of the medical staff for direct representation upon the board of management; the Medical Committee being of opinion that representation of the staff in the management of the hospital does not exist.


a. The Commission of Enquiry to consist of two referees, one to be nominated by the Board and the other by the Medical Staff, with a president being by preference a distinguished member of the legal profession to be appointed by the nominees of the Board and the Medical Staff.

b. No counsel to be employed by wither side

V. With respect to their demand for direct elective representation on the Board, the Medical Staff, whilst recognising that for the information of the Governors this subject should be included in the enquiry, hold that this reform is indispensable, and, as they previously intimated at the meeting with the Board in May 1899 and emphatically stated at the conference at Lord Lister’s house, are unanimously resolved unless it be granted by the Governors to resign their posts at the hospital.

On This Day is a diary of day to day life in the Hospital covering 1859 to the 1940’s.

Extracts are taken from the staff records, letters, the reports of the Matron and the Lady Superintendent, and the minutes of the Board of Management and the Medical Committee. They were compiled with the help of Janet Townsend, Frankie Alves, Louise Shepherd, Michael Clark and Liz Yamada

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