28th May



Board of Management Minutes: Nov 1859 – Jan 1865 NHNN/A/4/1

Austin and his wife (the Cook and House Porter) were called in and cautioned by the Chairman that they must either substantiate their claim of insobriety against the Matron or withdraw it and leave. The Nurses, servants, Dispenser, a Charwoman and Miss Hardy were respectively examined pro and con, when it was resolved that the charge against the Matron was not proven.

It was resolved that the Kitchen Maid, Ann Homewood, be discharged. The Matron was informed that she does not possess the authority to discharge servants but may suspend them and report to the Committee.


Lady Superintendent reports NHNN/A/4/6

J. Lawrence – reports from 2 January 1905 to23 November 1915

‘I should be glad to know whether the Board think that it is necessary always to have a trained nurse as Housekeeper, or whether there might be some advantages in having one who is not trained, so long as she was experienced in institution work.’


Lady Superintendent Reports NHNN/N/1

Celia. A. M. Spackman – reports from 21 December 1915 to 9 November 1920

‘I have to report that during my absence on leave Miss Davies, Sister of the Surgical Wing was dismissed instantly from the service of the Hospital on Thursday, May 16th, for some reason at present unknown to me. As one of the rules of the Hospital states that misconduct on the part of any member of the Nursing Staff is to be reported to the Matrons, I should like to point out to the Board that this was not done, and the only official intimation accorded to my representative, Miss Oldham, was an order from Dr Yealand saying he had arranged for Sister’s dismissal, and a telephone message from Sir John Paget, without any reason being given. For the sake of the Matron’s position and authority in the Hospital, may I suggest that in the event of such occurrence in the future, the Matrons might be given the option of returning to the Hospital before any definite action is taken.’

On This Day is a diary of the ups and downs of everyday life in the Hospital, covering the years 1859-1946.

Extracts are taken from the archives, including: staff records, reports of the Matron and the Lady Superintendent, and minutes of the Board of Management and the Medical Committee. They were compiled with the help of Janet Townsend, Frankie Alves, Louise Shepherd and Michael Clark.