14th October



Staff records NHNN/S/5

Mr Richard L

In his letter of application for the post of porter dated 14 October 1880 (appointed 22 October 1980) Mr L states “I am 38 years of age, and for the past sixteen years have been porter and housekeeper at 25 Lincolns Inn Fields, Holborn. This house has lately been sold and the landlord, tenants and myself had to leave. During the time I was there, I was also partially employed in the WC1 Post Office for eleven years as an auxiliary. I am still doing the same duty – I may mention that they do not put this class of men on the regular establishment however long in the service and deserving a man may be. I am only having 10/- per week and am only now retaining it till I can obtain something. I am now in the Holloway Post Office.”


Board of Management Minutes: Dec 1907 – Apr 1917 NHNN/A/4/7

It was reported that the following members of the Honorary Medical Staff are absent in consequence of the war: Dr Holmes, Mr Sargent and Mr Scott. It was reported that Dr Greenfield, the Pathologist, and Dr Adie, Senior House Physician, are also absent from the same cause, and that Dr Cooper, Junior House Physician, had resigned. It was further reported that Mr Hague, dispensary assistant, porter Reynolds, stocker Holdstock and Miss Boutell, Sister of the Exercise Ward are also serving with His Majesty’s Forces. It was resolved that the salaried medical posts remain open for the gentlemen who are temporarily absent and that employment be found for the porter and stoker upon their return and that in the meantime these two servants be paid the difference, if any, between their military pay and their wages.


Matron’s Reports NHNN/N/3/1

Cicely U Tafe – reports from 21 May 1929 to 22 May 1945

‘I have to report that the Wards are now free from infection and working normally. At the present time I have my full number of nurses and hope that this will continue through the winter.’

On This Day is a diary of day to day life in the Hospital covering 1859 to the 1940’s.

Extracts are taken from the staff records, letters, the reports of the Matron and the Lady Superintendent, and the minutes of the Board of Management and the Medical Committee. They were compiled with the help of Janet Townsend, Frankie Alves, Louise Shepherd, Michael Clark and Liz Yamada

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