The Hospital has a long association with the acquisition and display of works of art.

The most influential figure in the later history of the Hospital’s art collections was the cellist Sheridan Russell (1900-1991). As the Hospital’s Head Almoner he started the influential Paintings in Hospitals scheme. The well-known painter Matthew Smith was an early contributor and Paintings in Hospitals is now a national charity. Queen Square Archive contains Russell’s register of paintings and associated correspondence.

Much of the National Hospital art collection is currently in the art store of UCLH awaiting restoration, and images can be found using the browse or search options.

Etching 1883

The Archive and Library collections contain many examples of medical images and drawings, including those of Carswell and Bell.

Also held are original drawings by Sir William Gowers, oil paintings of the Chandlers, prints of Queen Square, and a replica bust of Hughlings Jackson.

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