What sort of materials do you hold?
Please see overview of our collection, which includes:
* Over 1500 bound volumes of National Hospital case notes covering the years 1863-1946.
* Annual Reports and Minutes
* Employment records for all categories of staff from 1860-1946.
* Other health records
* Objects
* Plans
* Photographs

How can I find out what you hold?
There are a number of ways to discover what we have in our collections:
* Search all records will find items we hold physically, as well as digitised images
* Browse digitised images will find digital items
* You can also search the UCL Archives catalogue which provides a more detailed search of the physical items we hold in the Archives.

Who can use/access the Archive?
Our Archives are available to anyone with an interest in our collections. Some materials, e.g. sensitive patient data, are only available upon authorisation. All Archive visitors must make an appointment before visiting. Please also see our Access policy and Access request form, including case notes

Is the library physically accessible?
Access to the library space is via a short flight of stairs to the ground floor of the building and then stairs or a lift to the 1st floor. A platform lift is available to reach the ground floor but please contact us in advance to arrange for an operator to be available. This is the only step free access into the building.

How can I make an enquiry?
Please email neuroarchives@ucl.ac.uk. We will endeavour to respond to written enquiries and requests within 21 days. If you are unable to visit we will always try to help where we can, but we are unable to undertake extensive research on your behalf.

How can I make an appointment to visit the Archives?
Please see Visiting the Archives page.

Where are the Archives located?
Please see our Getting here page.

When are you open?
We are normally open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Please check our Opening hours page for upcoming changes.

Am I allowed to browse the Archives when I visit?
No, the Archive collections are kept in locked storage, most of which is in a separate location to the Library. Therefore you need to request materials you wish to consult in advance of your visit. Please note you can only request a maximum of 10 items/volumes per day. Please also see our Access policy and Access request form, including case notes

Can the material be borrowed?
No, the Archives are for reference only.

What material can I access online?
Approximately 3000 photographs have been digitised and can be accessed on the Queen Square Archives website by Browsing digitised images. Annual Reports, Board Minutes and Newsletters are available as Full-text documents. Please see Digitised archives for information about other materials that are available online.

‘Can I get a copy of an image to use in my work? Images can be requested using our Image request form. Please see Copyright and digital images for information about copyright and how to credit images.

I’m researching a relative who was treated in the National Hospital - are you able to help?
Please see Case notes and Patient records for our holdings of patient records. These records only contain details of dates and physicians, not patient names. We do however have a case note index which is being developed. Please complete our Access request form with further details of your request. Some records require authorisation - See also access to sensitive and personal data

What information do the case notes contain?
Please see our Case notes page for further information.

Do you hold information on specific doctors and other hospital staff?
We hold Case notes for specific physicians. We also hold Employment records for medical and non-medical staff. The medical staff records have been digitised. You can also search the UCL Archives catalogue for further records - as well as the Library catalogue. Please see also sections on Hughlings Jackson, William Gowers and Sir Victor Horsley

How can I find information on specific conditions/treatments?
Please complete our Access request form with details. We have an index of conditions for case notes which is under development.

Can I search within documents?
You can search the text within all the Annual Reports and the Board Minutes from 1926. Please see Annual reports and minutes. It is currently not possible to search within the text of other documents.

Can I download PDF versions of documents?
PDFs of the Annual Reports (from 1926) and Newsletters (from 1990) can be downloaded. Please see Annual Reports and use “Request a copy” link within each Record.

What other Archive collections might hold related information?
Please see Other archives

Do you accept donations?
The Archives are generally closed. However, we will accept donations in accordance with our Acquisitions policy . Please also see examples of recent Donations

When is your next exhibition?
Please see our displays and events page.

Do you sell merchandise?
Please see our Items for Sale page.

Who manages the Archives?
The Archives belong to UCLH, and are housed and managed by Queen Square Library staff and volunteers

Where can I find an overview of the History of the Hospital?
Please see the Timeline section.

What should I do if I can’t access parts of this website?
If you need information on this website in a different format, or if you find any information that doesn’t meet the requirements of the accessibility regulations please contact: neuroarchives@ucl.ac.uk or 020 3448 4709. Please see also Accessibility statement