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Here are a few ways of exploring new and interesting items from the archives:

Please also see our Items for Sale page and Queen Square: A History of the National Hospital and its Institute of Neurology a definitive history of both The National Hospital and the Institute from 1860 to 1997.

Heart of the Nation: Migration and the Making of the NHS

Features Lotte Fuchs who worked at the National Hospital in the 1940s.

A history of the National Hospital: in 10 objects

A short video compilation of images of items held within Queen Square Archives, focusing on the development of Queen Square, and the founding and early days of the National Hospital, including the first hospital buildings and early staff members. Please note that the narration is included in the captions on the video, so audio is not essential. Download transcript

sandbags in Queen square

Next display

The National Hospital and the Second World War
The display marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and will be launched when we re-open. Selected images from the display are available online. Please see handout for further information.

Floor cloth incorporating the National Hospital logo

This floor cloth is displayed as part of the Scottish design gallery at the V&A Dundee.

Images from The National Society for Epilepsy archives

Photographs from our recent exhibition The National Society for Epilepsy & the Chalfont Centre for Epilepsy: 125 years on have been digitised and added to the website. With many thanks to Nicola Swanborough and her colleagues at the Epilepsy Society for their help and support in curating the exhibition, and to George Kaim for digitising the photographs.

Recent donations

A collection of materials relating to nursing at the National Hospital. Includes a file of articles, 2 copies of 1970 postgraduate nursing school prospectus, a copy of Lady Superintendent’s report 1902-3, a set of laminated photographs, 3 copies of nursing lectures notes, and exhibition materials on the massage school, and on male nurses and the first nurse at the National Hospital. Donated by Alree Marsh, Matron, Specialist Services, UCLH, December 2019. Please see our donations page for further information.

D for Diagnosis series on Radio 4

Friday 12th July 2019: What’s in a Name? Neurasthenia and homosexuality were both once classified as mental illness. Claudia Hammond reports on ever-changing labels and considers how today’s diagnoses will be seen in the future.

From the library of the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, Professor Sir Simon Wessely, former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, revisits original case notes of British soldiers in World War One who had been diagnosed with the newly emerged condition of shellshock. Shellshock affected hundreds of thousands of troops across Europe and Claudia discusses with Simon why this novel diagnosis became the predominant explanation for traumatic suffering at that particular time.

Available on BBC iPlayer(15-21mins)

IMPACT! Brain Injuries and WWI

The Headway Cambridgeshire Research Group have been investigating the types of brain injuries sustained by soldiers in World War One, the treatments they received, the doctors who treated them, and the hospitals where they received treatments, including visiting Queen Square Archives. Visit the Headway Cambridgeshire website for further information.

Queen Square: A History of the National Hospital and its Institute of Neurology

a definitive history of both The National Hospital and the Institute from 1860 to 1997, authored by Simon Shorvon, Alastair Compston, Andrew Lees, Michael Clark, and Martin Rossor.

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