Other archives held elsewhere

Queen Square in 1900

Other collections held elsewhere in Queen Square include additional photographs in the Medical Illustration Unit, and records of students from the 1940’s held in IoN Education Unit. There are also additional administrative records held in the Hospital. Please contact neuroarchives@ucl.ac.uk if you have any queries about these.

Material is also kept in other local Archives and Library Collections. For example UCL Special Collections holds material on Sir Victor Horsley and University College Hospital.
UCLH Archives also holds relevant material, e.g. UCLH, Middlesex Hospital and Eastman Dental Hospital and The National Temperance Hospital. London Metropolitan Archives hold the archives of the Heart Hospital, The Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital and the Royal Free.

See also the Global Brain Museum Project for Archives further afield.

Examples of additional archival material about people associated with the Hospital can be found in a variety of archives, some of which are nearby, so it is also worth extending your search. Below are some examples, but this is not a complete list and we are always very grateful to hear of relevant material held elsewhere.

The following collections also include relevant images:

Oral history

See also additional interviews in Queen Square Alumni newsletter, including Professor Trimble, Professor Warrington, Dr Gordon Plant; and YouTube including Professor Alan Thompson, Professor Andrew Lees and Professor Kailash Bhatia.

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