August 1860

3rd August 1860
At a meeting held this day. Mr Parker in the chair. Present Messrs Chandler, Clarke, Barton, Bridgeman, Allen, Dr Ramskill.It was resolved that the certificate now produced be signed by the Chairman, and countersigned by the Hon Secretary and given to Dr Echeverria.

It was resolved that Mr Charles’ notice of motion “that the Physicians may have the right to vote” be withdrawn.

It was resolved that the election of the Resident House Surgeon stand over to the next week. Main

It was resolved that Mr Mason, Treasurer of Queen Square Gardens have sent in a complaint signed by the Inhabitants of the Square against patients sitting at the end of the street. It was resolved that the receipt of the letter be acknowledged.

It was resolved that the security deposited by the secretary at the Union Bank and the keys given to Mr Parker was agreed to.

It was resolved that the request for nurses gowns and carpets for the front of beds as asked for by the Ladies was not allowed.

9th August 1860
At a meeting held this day. Mr Parker in the chair. Present Messrs Williamson, Barton, Emerson, Clarke, Chandler, Bridgeman, Dr Ramskill, Dr Sequard.

It was resolved that the following patients all recommended by Dr Brown Sequard be admitted as in door cases. Martha Lymington, Joseph Blizzard, Charles Parker of Plymouth.

The situation of the Resident House Surgeon having been advertised in the Times and the Medical press, seven gentlemen offered themselves for the post. Their testimonials having been examined the number was reduced to three only: Messrs Sawyer, Smith and Marling. They were respectively put to the vote when the following results were obtained: Mr Sawyer 2 votes, Mr Smith 4 votes, Mr Marling 0 votes.

It was resolved that Mr CJ Smith FRCS of St Thomas’s Hospital be and is herby approved Resident House Surgeon during the pleasure of the Board and that he do receive rations but no salary.

It was ordered that no Board meeting be summoned next week The following cheques were voted and signed:

Secretary Petty Cash £10 Ric Kirby Painting £27.8 Dawson and Son Stationery. £5.19.9 Heal and Son Bedding £3.17

23rd August
At a meeting held this day. Mr Alderman Wire in the chair. Present Messrs Parker, Barton, Chandler, Bartlett.

A subscription of 5 Guineas was announced from Mrs Charles Tayleur of Barnes. Miss Hunt of Edgware having applied for her Sister’s admission as an in door patient and offered to pay 10 shillings per week with her. It was resolved that from circumstances named at the Board it was not a fit case for the Hospital.

It was resolved that Henry Hall, engine driver from Cardiff be admitted as an in door case on Dr Ramskill’s recommendation and that the Directors of the Taff Vale Railway Company be solicited for a donation.

Mrs Wynne of Rochester having applied for the admission of a poor woman as an in door patient. It was resolved that the case must be first seen here by physicians who will report it to the Board of Management.

It was resolved that Soap and Candles be ordered from Mr Ford Hale. Cannon Street. Mr Chandler promised to get two commodes.

1000 circulars and testimonials were ordered from Mrs Rickerby

Mr Alderman Wire kindly offered to write to Sir Frederick Pollack respecting his house which is reported to be offered for sale.