December 1860

This month: Mr Lewis’s pay rise, Christmas plums, and a plot of land is acquired

13th December 1860
At a meeting of the Board held this day at 18 St Paul’s Churchyard. Mr Alderman Hale in the chair. Present Messrs Parker, Chandler and Mears.

The Secretary having read a letter from Messrs Routh & Co Solicitors 14 Southampton St requesting to know if the plot of ground behind the Hospital was required.

It was resolved that the ground be taken at an annual rental of ten or twelve pounds per an. and that Mr Parker see to the due execution of the agreement.

It was resolved that Thomas Parker Esq be and is hereby elected a Trustee in the place of the late Mr Alderman Wire.

Mr Lewis the dispenser having renewed his application by letter for an increase of salary. It was resolved that the sum of £5. be added from the present time.

The following patients having been admitted by the Physicians as in-door cases. Robert Laydon, Anna Simpson, James Duff, Exodia Humphrey all under the care of Dr Ramskill and Ernest George Parker and Sarah A Haynes under Dr B Sequard.

It was resolved that the admission be confirmed but in future the House Committee see all patients recommended to be taken into the Hospital.

Dr Brown Sequard recommended the following as in-door cases. 451 Ann Helley. 514 Laura Teill.

It was resolved that for the present these cases stand over as a there are 17 in-door cases in the Hospital.

It was resolved that the following gentlemen be appointed to a House Committee to advise and determine on the admission of patients and that two be a quorum. Messrs Parker, Chandler, Emerson, Mears.

It was resolved that the Physicians be informed of the House Committee and their duties.

It was resolved that all Ladies contributing five Guineas worth of work or materials for the Fancy Bazaar be constituted life subscribers.

Plums have been ordered for the household for pudding on Christmas day and also to the Patients if allowed by the Medical Men.

19th December 1860
At a meeting of the House Committee held at the Hospital this day. Mr Chandler in the Chair present Messrs Mears, Emerson. Dr Sequard and Ramskill were also present.

It was resolved. That George E Parker 3 ½ years of age be discharged as he is too young for the ward of a public Hospital.

Dr Ramskill recommended as in-door patient case 391. Josephine Earl. It was resolved that the patient be seen by the House Committee.

Dr Browne Sequard’s 2 cases were ordered to stand over as there are at present 17 patients in the Hospital.

27th December 1860
At a meeting of the Board held this day at 18 St Paul’s Church Yard. Mr Parker in the chair. Present Messrs Mears and Chandler.

It was resolved that the secretary get a certificate of Mr Alderman Wire’s death, make a declaration of his identity and bespeak a Power of Attorney to transfer from the Surviving Trustees to themselves and the new trustee and to get the same executed and leave it at Messrs Coutts.

It was resolved that the plot of ground behind the Hospital be taken for a yearly tenancy commencing at Lady Day 1861 and that the secretary ask the owner write to the Board assenting to it.

Mr Parker kindly promised an annual subscription to the Charity in addition to his former Donation.

It was resolved that John Hempsted admitted as an in-door patient on 27th July last be requested to retire and give up his bed to some other person.

It was resolved that the Board are of opinion that the House Surgeon should not sleep out of the House without permission of both Physicians and without providing a proper substitute during his absence approved by the Physicians.

The cases recommended as in door patients were ordered to stand over.

Mr Chandler promised to get a piece of matting to be placed under the table in the men’s ward.