July 1860

Extracts from the Minutes of the Board of Management, National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic.

5th July 1860.
At a meeting held this day. Mr Parker in the chair. Present Messrs Bridgeman, Clarke, Allen, Chandler, Dr Brown-Sequard, Dr Echeverria.

It was resolved that W Taylor, recommended by Dr Ramskill be admitted and also H J Crawford of Greenwich as soon as a promised donation of 20 guineas shall have been received.

It was resolved that the water supply for the Bath Room be connected to the main.

The Cook and Porter (husband & wife) having been a week on probation. It was resolved that they be engaged at £25 per an, washing 1 shilling per week for the porter + 2 pints of beer per diem, + 1 shilling per week washing for the Cook.

It was resolved that a female nurse be appointed for the Men’s ward age not younger than 45. Salary not to exceed £14.0 £2.12 for tea and sugar, £1.4 for washing per an.

12th July 1860
Present. Messrs Clarke, Chandler and Dr Brown-Sequard. Notices of motions by Mr Clarke 1. that the men be bought into the front of the House, 2. That no further alterations be made until the Committee have finally arranged with the Landlord.

19th July, 1860.
At a meeting of the Board held this day. Mr R.C. Barton in the chair. Present Messrs Clarke, Chandler, Bridgeman, Emerson, Drs Ramskill and Brown-Sequard.

It was resolved that the water supply for the baths be postponed

It was resolved that Messrs Parker, Barton and Emerson be good enough to negotiate with the Landlord with the view of ascertaining the most reasonable terms on which the tenancy can be continued or the House purchased.

An in door patient H.J. Crawford having been pronounced ineligible for this hospital . It was resolved that Donation of Twenty Guineas given by his father be returned.

Dr Echeverria the resident house surgeon sent in a letter tendering his resignation in consequence of being requested to return to America. It was resolved that it be accepted.

26th July 1860.
At a meeting held on this day. Mr Barton in the chair. Present Messrs Clarke, Chandler, Bridgeman, Drs B Sequard & Ramskill. It was resolved that in future the Dispenser must get the House Surgeon signature for all drugs required and the order to be signed by Dr Ramskill.

It was resolved that the duties of house surgeon as drawn up and signed by physicians be agreed to.

It was resolved that the House surgeon have his board + lodgings and be allowed to practice pure surgery only if a qualified man. Also. If a salary be hereafter be required, the post will be declared vacant.

Notice of motion by Mr Clarke that the Committee having found it most inconvenient in forming a quorum from the Physicians not being allowed to vote. That for the future they may have the right to do so in order to facilitate business. (note this was withdrawn at the next meeting – a decision which led to a great deal of fuss, 40 years later).