June 1860

Extracts from the Minutes of the Board of Management, National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic.

7th June 1860 The Board meeting resolved that:

The names of the Physicians shall not be published, nor allusion made to their cases in future advertisements.

Notice of motion by Mr (Abelkinson?) to alter the Rules by providing that the Medical Officers be ex officio members of the Board without a vote.That the case recommended by Captain Bowie be admitted if Dr Sequard reports formally that if that a donation of ten guineas be presented to the Chantry if the case be admitted.£500 be invested in Consols in the joint name of Lord Raynham Hale and Mr Norman (Abelkinson?), and should Lord Raynham object to his name Mr Barton to supply his Lordships place.

Mr Jones estimate for heating and supplying water to baths be accepted.

Mr Metcalfe’s estimate to fit up a scullery in the Sisters Ward be accepted. June 1860

Notice of motion by Mr Clark that the Men’s Ward be opened at the next Board Meeting.

That the vote of thanks to Miss (Berrington?) passed on the 11th May be engrossed on Vellum, the cost not to exceed 21 shillings. Mr Barton be good enough to see it executed and passed to the Lady.

That day seats for the patients be ordered and the stone passage and the kitchen be covered with matting.

That the names of J Sutton Esq. and A Emerson Esq. be added to the Board of Management.

That Messrs Reid the Brewers be requested to send in a 9 gallon Cask of Porter, and the 2 gallons of wine of better quality of a little higher in price be ordered from (Perry Vale?)

Cheques were voted signed for £155.9.10.

14th June A cheque for £500 to be invested in Consols was drawn to which Mr (Bridgerman?) kindly undertook to place before the Right Hon the Viscount Raynham MP for his Lordships Signature after which Messrs. Parker and Bridgerman? would also sign and attend to the investment.

21st June. The Board meeting resolved that: until the next General meeting of the subscribers. The medical officers be invited to attend all Board Meetings but without voting.

The Male Ward shall be opened so soon as the Physicians shall certify that it is fit for the reception of patients.

Helena Jones be admitted as an in door case. And also that at the next vacancy Ellen Kidd be admitted.

Dr Sequard be requested to communicate with Mrs ??(an in door patient from Brighton) that it would not be useful to her case to remain longer in the Hospital Care.

The girl at present engaged to assist the Cook be only employed Pro Tem

The Porter see that the Out Patients wait in the passage to get their medicines if any expensive medicine be sent from the Apothecaries Hall in large quantities that it be returned

If John Powell and George Lewis after having been again seen by the Physicians be taken if found to be eligible cases.

28th June The dispenser Mr F G Page having tendered his resignation. It was resolved that the situation be advertised and candidates see the Board on Thursday next.

That and preparation or drugs not expensive be had at Mssrs. Darby and Gosden, 140 Leadenhall Street.

That Mrs M Maling, widow aged 32 be appointed as Nurse at £14 per an £2.12 for tea and sugar and 24 shillings for washing as her agreement.

That the Physicians be good enough to provide a Man to act as Night Nurse in the Male ward wages not to exceed £25 per an.

That the Cook and Porter engaged pro tem remain here till next Thursday at the same wages as their predecessors.