November 1860

This month: No curtains for Matron. A letter to Mrs Wire.

18th November 1860
1 Turnwheel Lane, City. At a meeting of the Board held this day at Turnwheel Lane Mr Deputy Parker in the chair. Present Messrs Alderman Hale, Chandler, Mears, Emerson. It was resolved that:

the Right Honourable and Reverend Lord de Saumarez be and is hereby elected as Vice President.
the 10 guineas paid by Mrs Walker for her Husband as an in door patient be returned as he only remained one day in the Hospital.
William Taylor admitted as an in door patient on 3rd July be now discharged and that Helena P. Jones admitted 30th June remain for the present as an in door patient.
a carpet be provided for the Physicians rooms (later note: the Drs. prefer matting).
the following cases recommended by Dr Brown Sequard be admitted as in door patients, Sarah Impley of Stevenage Herts and William French of Portsmouth.
Mr Chandler get 2 invalid chairs to wheel the patients who are unable to walk about the wards. Mr Chandler reported that he had conferred with the owner of the house at Brughes (?) who will grant a lease for any term on 12 months notice to quit. Mr Chandler also promised to give a paper at the next meeting on his visits to several other similar hospitals abroad.

The board expressed their extreme regret at Mr Alderman Wire’s absence on account of a sudden attack.

An application for window curtains and hangings for the matron’s and house surgeons rooms was refused. Windows were ordered to be cleaned on the ground floor by the servants and on the outside by a jobber.

21st November 1860
At a meeting of the Board held this day at 18 St Paul’s Church Yard. Mr Parker in the Chair. Present Messrs Chandler, Barton, Mears, Bartlett.

The decease of the late worthy Chairman Mr Alderman Wire having been most feelingly adverted to by Messrs Parker, Chandler and Barton . The Secretary was instructed to forward the following resolution to Mrs Wire.

It was resolved that this committee deeply deplore the loss of their late excellent Chairman Mr Alderman Wire to whom the Institution was greatly indebted for his unwearied efforts in its establishment and in promoting its intents, and they desire to offer his widow Mrs Wire, and his son, and daughter Mr Travers Wire and Miss Wire their sincere expression of condolence on their bereavement, and a hope that Mr Travers Wire will see fit to come forward and supply the place of his late honoured father as a member of the Charity and this Committee.

It was resolved. That Mr Alderman Hale be and is hereby elected Chairman of the Board in the role of the late Mr Alderman Wire.

Mr Chandler suggested that in order to perpetuate the memory of the late lamented Mr Alderman Wire that a pension be called the “Wire Pension” in perpetuity.

Coals were ordered from Mr Cockerell.

Mr Mears having kindly offered to present the Hospital with a grant of books from the Religious Tract Society. It was resolved. That Mr Mears’ kind offer be gratefully accepted and that a small Library be filled up in both wards.

Mr Alderman Hales’ note was read regretting that pursuing business prevented his attendance.