October 1860

This month: Baron Pollock threatens to go to law about patients sitting in front of his house, & Mr Lewis the Dispenser asks for a pay rise.

11th October 1860
1 Turnwheel Lane, City. At a meeting of the Board held this day at Turnwheel Lane Mr Alderman Wire in the Chair. Mr Parker (present)

It was resolved. That Mrs R Cummings, Mrs Cheverton and John Powell having been in door patients for more than three months be now discharged on recommendation of Dr Ramskill.

It was resolved. That Charlotte Cooper be admitted also that William Henry Waller of Dartford now be admitted as an in door patient both recommended by Dr Brown Sequard.

Messrs Coutts letter was read announcing the sale of £250 Consols at 93 3/8

The invalid bed asked for at last meeting an estimate for which was given by Mr Leich for £4 was ordered to stand over.

The Dispenser Mr Lewis having sent in an application for an increase in salary. It was resolved that it stand over for the present.

The Secretary was instructed to call on Messrs Darby & Gordon Druggists and ascertain what discount would be allowed and to get as large a reduction as possible in their price for the Charity.

Another quarters’ Poor Rates having been called for Mr Parker kindly intimated that he was in communication with the authorities respecting their appeal.

A spirit lamp and 500 (illegible) were ordered.

It was resolved. That the Honourable PJ Pierrepont a donor of 100 Guineas be and is hereby elected a Vice President.

The secretary reported that £187 had been received since last meeting.

Miss Chandler having written to the Secretary intimating the intention of the Ladies Committee to hold a Fancy Fair for the benefit of the Charity early in the Spring of 1861 and proposing to issue a circular respecting it. Mr Parker undertook its revision.

25th October 1860. At a meeting of the Board held this day at 1 Turnwheel Lane. Mr Alderman in the chair. Present Messrs Parker and Bartlett.

The treasurer of the Square having notified of Baron Pollock’s intention to go to law about patients sitting in front of his house. It was considered desirable that chairs should not be taken out. The Ladies next door also complained about it. It was resolved that gas be laid on in both the wards and also at the bottom of the stair on the ground floor.

It was resolved that Mrs Denman admitted as an urgent case by Dr Brown Sequard on the 15th be confirmed.

It was resolved that Miss Warman of Ramsgate be admitted as an in door patient recommended by Dr Brown Sequard.

It was resolved that the following cases recommended by Dr Ramskill be admitted. 328 Emma Lindsay. Hart Court. Bryden Squain. Barbican, 340. John Sawer, 6 St Dunstan Court, Fleet Street.

Donations amounting to £48.19.1 were received since the last meeting. Cheques have been signed for £77.9.10

In pursuance of the resolution passed on the 11th last the following patients have left the Hospital. Mrs R Cumming, Mrs Cheverton and John Powell.

The Secretary was instructed to take Dr Brown-Sequard’s orders for a Gymnasium for the Patients.