We have recently digitised several Gowers’ sketchbooks from the late 19th century, many of which are now available online. The sketchbooks include detailed drawings of St Ives, Dover, and Southwold, as well as collections of drawings of figures, and some watercolour landscapes. With many thanks to Rebecca Gowers for loaning these to the Archives.

sketch by Gowers

Shorthand diaries

We are delighted to have received a transcription of Gowers’ shorthand diaries which has been diligently transcribed by Ann Scott. Two hard copies are available in the Library.

This includes two diaries kept while he was a medical apprentice and a great deal of detail about daily life in Coggeshall, Essex, in the 1860s. The most interesting of the entries were incorporated into the following book: William Richard Gowers 1845-1915, Exploring the Victorian Brain Ann Scott, Mervyn Eadie, and Andrew Lees. OUP, 2012.

Case notes

Gowers case notes from the 19th Century which are held in our Archives.

Selected case notes and illustrations are available online.

case note montage

Selected case notes

Please complete an access request form to request access to other case notes.

Correspondence and children’s journals and stories

An extensive collection of correspondence, children’s journals and stories addressed to, or written by, Sir William Gowers, mainly from the late 19th century, which were on loan from the Gowers family.

Selected letters

Correspondents include Kipling, Lister, Jenner, and Hughlings Jackson, writing on a variety of topics, along with numerous letters of congratulations on Gowers’s knighthood. Inventory of correspondence (PDF document)

The Children’s journals are available online.

This work was performed for the Queen Square Archives by Bespoke Archive Digitisation.

Other digitised files are available upon request or to view in the Library.

Other works by Gowers held in Queen Square Library have been digitised as part of the UK Medical Heritage Library project as well as drawings and lectures.

Queen Square Archives operates an immediate takedown policy. Please contact us to request removal of materials.