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Title: Non-medical staff: correspondence

Reference: NHNN/S/6

Date: 1904 to 1943

Description: Secretary's correspondence recording appointments of non-medical staff, such as porters, stokers, clerks, engineers, dispensers and pharmacists. The correspondence is largely in the form of letters of application and testimonials.


Parent: National Hospital staff records

Children: Abrahams, Doris E: correspondence, Alger, Henry Robert: correspondence, Bartram, William: correspondence, Bedley, G: correspondence, Brown, J: correspondence, Browne, Miriam: correspondence, Bryant, W H: correspondence, Butler, Hampden: correspondence, Carpenter, Edith: correspondence, Champion, E C: correspondence, Christie, W H: correspondence, Collins, John: correspondence, Cook, J: correspondence, Cooper, Walter Mell: correspondence, Coulter, James F: correspondence, Cowell, Gladys: correspondence, Davies, Charles: correspondence, Figg, Albert F: correspondence, Foot, Miriam L: correspondence, Gadsden, Martha Adelaide: correspondence, Garrod, Arthur Edward: correspondence, Gibbins, S: correspondence, Gibson, Lucy C: correspondence, Giles, Agnes: correspondence, Abrahams, Ida E: correspondence, Greengrass, Henry: correspondence, Grigg, Patricia H: correspondence, Hamilton, Alice Munro: correspondence, Housden, H E: correspondence, Harrison, Charles: correspondence, Hawkins, George H: correspondence, Hawkins, Hilda: correspondence, Hughes, Benjamin: correspondence, Holdstock, Arthur: correspondence, Housden, Violet: correspondence, Landon, L: correspondence, Larkin, William: correspondence, Lilley, Evelyn Margaret: correspondence, Mayston, G F: correspondence, Merivale, Stephen Charles: correspondence, Miles, G A: correspondence, Mitchell, G E: correspondence, Nichol, J H: correspondence, Oldrey, Beryl: correspondence, Panter, G G: correspondence, Paton, F: correspondence, Peile, Ethel: correspondence, Phillips, W G: correspondence, Ratcliff, Dorothy H: correspondence, Redbond, James: correspondence, Richards, Edna: correspondence, Roberts, George: correspondence, Roper, Edward: correspondence, Royle, L P: correspondence, Sears, H: correspondence, Seymour, E E: correspondence, Skinner, B A: correspondence, Spreckley, R: correspondence, Stewart, W: correspondence, Thomas, W: correspondence, Turner, Dorothy: correspondence, Turpin, G: correspondence, Vincent, L: correspondence, Voisey, Jessie M: correspondence, Water, George: correspondence, Watts, V E: correspondence, West, J: correspondence, Wilson, J A: correspondence, Wilson, Olive: correspondence, Yarrell, Leslie James: correspondence

Storage Reference: 1 box [Box 18]



Date: 1904-1943 Level: Series

Keywords: Cat status: Catalogued Arrangement: The correspondence is in alphabetical order.

Keywords: Calm Archives

Compilations: NHNN archives

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