Film footage of Queen Square doctors in the 1950s

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Title: Film footage of Queen Square doctors in the 1950s

Reference: QSA/19611

Date: Approx 1 Jan 1950 to 31 Dec 1959

Description: Three minute silent colour film footage focusing on individual staff members working at the National Hospital, many of whom are now household names in the history of neurology, including Brain, Critchley, Denny Brown, Elkington, Gowers, Greenfield, Gordon Holmes, Hughlings Jackson, Meadows, Monrad Krohn, Purdon Martin, and Walshe. Includes footage in Queen Square, at home, and overseas.

Creator: E. Graeme Robertson. Captions by Professor Andrew Lees with the assistance of Dr Nadeem Toodayan.

Storage Reference: Online only

Acquisition: A gift to the Archives by Professor Andrew Lees. The film was either brought back from Australia by MacDonald Critchley or posted to the National Hospital by Dr Robertson as a gift


Keywords: Brain Lord Walter Russell, Critchley Macdonald, Denny-Brown Derek Ernest, Elkington John St Clair, Gowers Sir William Richard, Greenfield Joseph Godwin, Holmes Sir Gordon Morgan, Hughlings Jackson John, Individuals, Meadows Swithin Pinder, People, Purdon Martin James, Sources, Video and Film, Walshe Sir Francis Martin Rouse

Compilations: Film footage

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