A history of the National Hospital, Queen Square: in 10 objects

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Queen Square from the South 1787

In 1700 the Square was owned by Lord Curzon who began its development. The first building (St George's church - whose spire can be seen front left below) was built in 1706 and the land was set out as a Square in 1716. the name of the Square was originally Devonshire Square, but then quickly changed to Queen Square - in honour of Queen Anne (wife of George III). It evolved into a wealthy and cosmopolitan part of Bloomsbury, and much was made of the North End - as shown in this engraving. The statue in the north end of the Square was erected in 1775. It is believed to be of Queen Charlotte, though even that is the subject of debate. A framed version of this print is in Queen Square Archives, and a small number of prints are available for sale in Queen Square Library.

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