A history of the National Hospital, Queen Square: in 10 objects

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Consultant Group 1887

One of the most remarkable things about the hospital was the quality of the early staff. 20 physicians and surgeons were appointed between 1860 and 1886, including 7 Fellows of the Royal Society, 3 Presidents of Royal Colleges and 3 physicians to the Royal household,as shown in this photo, a framed version of which is in Queen Square Archives. By 1900, the hospital was one of the most famous London hospitals, with a worldwide reputation, and students visited it from all over the world. Almost all of the medical staff contributed to their subject, but there were four in particular who changed the course of neurology: Gowers, Horsley, Hughlings Jackson and Ferrier, whose case notes are part of a 1,500 volume collection in Queen Square Archives. The journal Brain was founded in 1878, with Hughlings Jackson and David Ferrier as founding editors, the same year as Medical teaching started at Queen Square. Hospital wards are named after Horsley, Ferrier and Hughlings Jackson.

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