Compilations - selected from the archives by our staff

The National Hospital and the Second World War

The display marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and will be launched when Queen Square Library re-opens. Please see the handout for further information.


The National Society for Epilepsy & the Chalfont Centre for Epilepsy: 125 years on

The exhibition which includes photographs, objects and documents from the Epilepsy Society Archives ran in Queen Square Library from March-June 2019. Further information is available in the exhibition handout. With many thanks to Nicola Swanborough and her colleagues at the Epilepsy Society for their help and support in curating the exhibition.


Victor Horsley: a continuing legacy: commemorating the centenary of Horsley’s death

Exhibition commemorating the centenary of the death of Sir Victor Horsley was launched during Explore your Archives week (19th-27th November 2016) and ran in Queen Square Library until February 2017. It featured photographs, objects, and documents from Queen Square Archives and UCL Special Collections


WAVECRAFT: Two pioneers of EEG and their world

90 years ago Hans Berger discovered the brain’s ‘alpha’ rhythm. A decade later William Grey Walter set up the first EEG lab in the UK before becoming a leading light in the field. This exhibition tells their story, through made and found objects and images, archive material and text. This exhibition was curated by Ken Barrett, and was held in Queen Square Library May-July 2018, and RSM Library August-November 2018. Please see exhibition handout and exhibition booklet for further information. See also Brainland podcast: BRAINWAVES: Hans Berger and the discovery of the EEG.


Women in Queen Square

Display celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science and International Women’s Day, which will be held in Queen Square Library February-May 2022, featuring photographs, objects, and documents from Queen Square Library and Archives. Please see our exhibition handouts for further information - including those on the early years of the National, Ladies Samaritan and Sir Victor Horsley.

Photos and content of the display. See also Women in Queen Square pages for further images.


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