Copyright and use of digital images

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Copies of images can be supplied on request, subject to copyright and data protection legislation.

  • Please complete and return the Image Request Form - by email or post.
  • Please browse or search for images before returning this form, quoting the QSA reference number (in each image record) where possible.
  • On receipt of the form, we will contact you to check any details. A charge may apply in some circumstances.
  • The QSA is not resourced to supply large numbers of images, or non standard prints or scans. These may be passed to the Medical Illustration Unit for supply, in which case separate charges may apply.

* The QSA holds material which are in copyright, but we either do not hold the copyright, or the rights holders are unknown or cannot be traced. It is not possible to supply copies of such material, unless the requester obtains permission from any copyright holder first, or makes all efforts to do so. Please refer to the IPO website for further information:
* Further information on copyright is available on the UCL Library Services website –
* The QSA accepts no liability for any infringement caused by a requester’s use of a copyrighted image.

* Images supplied by QSA/created from the QSA collection may not be reproduced in any way without the written permission of the QSA and must be credited as “Image courtesy of the Queen Square Archives” or as agreed.
* Reproduction of the image(s) is strictly limited to usage by the requester for the purpose specified on this request form. Please submit a new form to request usage for additional purposes/by third parties. * The requester agrees to indemnify the QSA in respect of any claim or damages or loss or costs arising in any manner from reproduction without proper reproduction rights of any image supplied by QSA.
* Where possible we would be grateful to receive a copy of published and unpublished material based on our holdings.

Access to personal and sensitive data
Please see our webpages on this topic for further information

Queen Square Archives operates an immediate takedown policy please contact us to request removal of materials.