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The Queen Square Archive collections are also housed in and managed by the Library. They comprise the archives belonging to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN) and those of UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology (IoN).

Leaflet about Queen Square Archives

The archive collections include:

  • An extensive collection of 1500 bound volumes of NHNN case notes covering the years 1863-1946 including many examples of early medical photography. A hand written index of patients is currently being transcribed into a database. Gowers’ case notes from the 19th century have been digitised
  • Extensive administrative records for the Hospital from 1859 – 1948, plus some more recent material. This includes correspondence, minutes, financial records and reports. Annual Reports and Board of Management minutes from 1859-1948 have been digitised. All Annual Reports and Minutes from 1926 are also available as searchable collections
  • Employment records for all categories of staff from 1860-1946. Medical staff records have been digitised;
  • Other health records including patient admission registers;
  • Deeds, plans and insurance documents - National Hospital plans have been digitised and some are available on the Queen Square Archives website;
  • Unpublished papers and lectures, and events ephemera. Some of these have been digitised and are available on Queen Square Archives website, e.g. Gowers lectures, Hughlings Jackson papers, Jubilee scrapbook
  • Approximately 5,000 photographs - most of these have been digitised and many are available on the Queen Square Archives website by browsing digitised images;
  • Objects, including framed photographs and paintings, medical equipment, plaques, certificates, medals and coins.
  • Film footage: a series of archive film footage featuring Queen Square staff and patients.
  • Over 250 volumes of case notes from Maida Vale Hospital 1906-1937 ; plus administrative, financial, nursing, property and staff records, and records of events and fund-raising

All digitisation has been performed for the Queen Square Archives by Bespoke Archive Digitisation except the photographs which are digitised by George Kaim (former head of AV at the Institute).

The cine films collection comprises 1900+ films of patient consultations by some of the pioneers of neurology and neurological examination. A very small subset of film has been transferred to DVD, and the collection has been catalogued and over 1,700 films have been digitised as part of a Wellcome Trust funded project. Please contact for further details.