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Highlighted compilation

Queen Square: Clinical specialties at the National Hospital: beyond neurology and neurosurgery

Drawing on Chapter 10 of Queen Square: A History of the National Hospital and its Institute of Neurology – this display covers psychiatry, neuro-ophthalmology, neuro-otology and neuro-anaesthetics in Queen Square. The display is launched to coincide with the national Explore Your Archives campaign: 23 Nov – 1st Dec in 2019. The display includes photographs, objects and documents from the Queen Square Library and Archives and will run in Queen Square Library, 23 Queen Square until February 2020. Please see exhibition handout for further information.


Other compilations

A century after John Hughlings Jackson

John Hughlings Jackson (4 April 1835 - 7 October 1911) was one of the most influential neurologists of the 19th century.


Artwork and objects around Queen Square

Objects, including paintings, sculpture and plaques in Hospital buildings and Queen Square gardens


Beginning of the End of the Falling Sickness: Epilepsy and its treatment in London 1860-1910

This exhibition, held in Queen Square Library, November 2013- April 2014, includes monographs and journals illustrating the state of epilepsy theory in 1860 and the evolution of the concepts and treatment of epilepsy in London over the subsequent 50 years, including photographs of key figures in Queen Square, several of which are displayed below, and the cover designs of the first series of Epilepsia.

Please see the exhibition handout at for further information.


Children's journals

Five volumes of children’s journals written by William Gowers in the 1880-1890s.


Embroidered Minds: William Gowers & the Morris Family

Embroidered Minds is a collaboration between artists, writers, doctors and academics. This exhibition ran in Queen Square Library, 23 Queen Square from November 2015 until 26th February 2016. Please see exhibition handouts for further information. Please also see Embroidered Minds website.


First World War at the National Hospital

These images, from the exhibition held in Queen Square Library from August - November 2014, highlight the treatment of war-related psychogenic disorders at the National Hospital, as well as the wider impact of the War on the Hospital’s work and staff. Please see exhibition handout for further information.

Additional information on the War at the National can be found by searching our collections, including the text of our Annual Reports and Minutes


Founding and early years of the National Hospital, Queen Square

The first exhibition in the new Queen Square Library, 2010. Featuring original letters and documents, shell ornaments made to raise money, accounts of the earliest patients and examples of some harsh rules!


Gowers' sketchbooks

Several sketchbooks from the late 19th century. The sketchbooks include detailed drawings of St Ives, Dover, and Southwold, as well as collections of drawings of figures, and some watercolour landscapes. Additional images are available on request. With many thanks to Rebecca Gowers for loaning these to the Archives.


Hughlings Jackson's unpublished papers

Facsimiles of Hughlings Jackson’s papers held in the archive. These papers were discovered in the library in 2003 by the Librarian and subsequently examined and catalogued by Professor George York.


IoN Annual Reports

Annual Reports from 1950-2006. Reports from 1988 are joint reports with the National Hospital. PDFs of the Reports can be downloaded via the “Request a copy” link within each Record.


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