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Title: Photographs

Reference: NHNN/P

Date: Approx 1880 to 1980

Description: NHNN/P/1-167: Photographs illustrating Hospital buildings, staff, events, and related subjects. The photographs in this section come from a series of box files containing groups of photographs in envelopes with very little other material. The box files were arranged in themes and labelled accordingly (nursing, buildings, events, and so on). The structure of the catalogue reflects the order of the box files. NHNN/P/168-169: Photographs (portraits, mainly members of the medical staff, and group photographs, mainly student groups) formerly in frames. NHNN/P/170 on: other photographs.


Parent: The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

Children: Photographs: Queen Square House and environs, Photographs: World War Two air raid damage, Photographs: Queen Square and its history, Photograph: block printed drawing of Hospital frontage, 1860-1866, Photographs: Hospital frontage, Photographs: Hospital buildings, exterior and rear views, Photographs: Hospital and Queen Square Gardens, Photographs: Hospital plaques, Photographs: Queen Mary Wing, Photographs: Hospital frontage, Photographs: collapse of part of Nurses' Home, Guilford Street, Photographs: Lecture Theatres, Photographs: Sir William Gowers' candle, Photographs: Hospital interiors, Photographs: Nursing Studies Unit, Photographs: Matron Margery Ling, Photographs: nursing staff, Photographs: patients - 'the boy who wouldn't grow up', Photographs: patients in Queen Square, Photographs: patients in the Hospital, Photographs: presentation of bust of John Hughlings Jackson by Montreal Neurological Institute, Photographs: Gowers Library, Photographs: Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), Photographs: unveiling of a portrait of Sir Francis Walshe, Photographs: nursing staff, Photographs: nursing accommodation, Photographs: Alexandra House interiors, Photographs: kitchens and dining, Photographs: therapy, Photographs: laboratories and theatres, Photographs: physiotherapy, Photograph: Consultative Department, Photograph: Linen Room, Photographs: equipment and treatment, Photographs: Front Hall and Chapel, Photographs: Outpatients, Photographs: Finchley Convalescent Home exteriors, Photographs: opening of Rehabilition Unit by Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital - presentation of electron microscope, Photographs: early X-ray at the Hospital, Photograph: Sir Victor Horsley and others - operation, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital Gymnasium, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital - original home at 19 Charles Street, Marylebone, Photographs: Christmas, Photographs: Christmas, Photographs: Christmas, Photographs: visit of the Duke of Edinburgh to commemorate the Centenary of the Hospital, Photograph: visit of Lord Snowdon to the Hospital as a patient, Photographs: Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother at the ceremony of the laying of the foundation stone of Queen Square House, Photographs: Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother at the formal opening ceremony of Queen Square House, Photograph: National Hospital dinner, 1957, Photographs: early medical staff, Photographs: medical staff, Photographs: patients, Photographs: equipment and treatment, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital - medical staff, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital - opening of upgraded Operating Theatre by the Duchess of Gloucester, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital exteriors and interiors, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital Outpatients Department, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital new ward, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital centenary dinner, Photographs: kitchen and dining room, Photographs: medical staff, Photographs: opening ceremony of Centenary celebrations, Photographs: Centenary, Photographs: displays, Photograph: Lady Almoner's office, Photographs: nursing staff, Photographs: wards, Photograph: Old Board Room, Photograph: Massage School staff, Photographs: therapy and treatment, Photograph: Gymnasium, Photographs: Outpatients, Photograph: courtyard, Photograph: architect's plan (M P Manning) showing front elevation of Hospital and ground and first floor floorplans, July 1868, Photographs: Centenary wine and cheese party, Photographs: Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone opening Alexandra House, Queen Square, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital - general, Photographs: William Walton Gooddy - retirement function, Photographs: presentation of portrait of John Hughlings Jackson, Publication of 'The National Hospitals for Nervous Diseases 1948-1982' by Geoffrey Robinson, Photographs: retirement of John Young from the Board of Governors, Photographs: James Purdon Martin - 90th birthday celebrations, Photographs: James Purdon Martin - presentation of a memorial bust, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital interiors, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital staff, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital exteriors and interiors, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital exteriors and interiors, Photograph: trophy presented to Godfrey Heathcote Hamilton, Photograph: interior of house in Queen Square, Photograph: Library, Photograph: Hospital descriptive notice, Photograph: display on Hospital history, Photograph: James W D Bull and Reginald E Kelly, Photographs: staff groups, Photographs: festival dinner of past and present Residents, Registrars and Staff held at the Trocadero Restaurant, Photographs: Macdonald Critchley - retirement dinner, Photographs: Christmas, Photographs: groups - staff and postgraduates, Photograph: lecture, Photograph: training of nursing staff, Photographs: visit of Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone to lay foundation stone of Hospital extension (Queen Mary Wing), Photograph: Hospital exterior, Photographs: construction of Hospital extension; new boiler, Photographs: Centenary prints, Photographs: collected historical prints, Photographs: staff portraits, Photograph: artist's drawing of Hospital exterior, Photographs: wards, Photographs: group photographs, Photographs: Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone opening Alexandra House, Queen Square (extra set), Photographs: Medical School group photographs, Photographs: Miss McQuaker - award of Order of the British Empire (OBE), Photographs: J G Greenfield and George Riddoch, Photograph: scene from the film 'Illegal', Photographs: Nellie Wallace at the Hospital for the Coronation Pavement Party, Photographs: Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone at the Hospital, Photographs: ceremony to hand over a flower bowl in Queen Square Gardens to the people of Camden to mark the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, Photographs: children in the Hospital at Christmas, Photographs: visit of Diana, Princess of Wales, Photographs: visit of Diana, Princess of Wales to Maida Vale Hospital, Photographs: visit of Diana, Princess of Wales to open the new Department of Radiology, Photographs: New Chandler Wing - Dining Room/Coffee Lounge, Photographs: collected personal photographs of a member of the nursing staff, Photographs: contents of lead box found under Commemoration Stone, Queen Mary Wing, Photographs: portraits of members of administrative staff, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital Scanner Suite, Photographs: sketches by Sir William Gowers, Photographs: items relating to the early history of the Hospital, Photographs: collected photographs presented to Sir Gordon Holmes on the opening of the Gowers Library, 29 November 1951, Photographs: member of medical staff, 1915, Photographs: nurses and children outside front entrance to Hospital, Photograph: Violet Loraine pictured with a group of nurses outside the Hospital, Photograph: Wedgwood Room, Photograph: James W D Bull and Erik Lysholm, Photograph: building work, Photograph: St John's House, 12 Queen Square, Photograph: Maida Vale Hospital, Photograph: Front Hall staff, Photographs: Queen Square, Photographs: The Lysholm Radiological Department, Photographs: visit of Diana, Princess of Wales, Photograph: plate 1 from 'Anatomy of the Brain' by Sir Charles Bell, Photographs: demolition ceremony, Photographs: Hospital interiors, Photograph: group photograph of medical staff, Photographs: Christmas, Photographs: staff portraits, Photographs: set of historical photographic cards, Photographs: buildings and interiors, Photographs: bead and shell work, Photographs: Mary Fedden paintings, Photograph: document - synopsis of the history of the Hospital (1859-1932), Photographs: medical staff groups, Photographs: Maida Vale Hospital centenary exhibition, Photographs: medical diagrams, Photograph: Maida Vale Hospital - frontage, Photograph: dinner for current and former staff at the Trocadero Restaurant, Shaftesbury Avenue, Photograph: W G Wyllie, Photographs: group photographs, Photographs: Maida Vale Medical School group photographs, Photograph: Sir William Gowers, Photographs: Hospital frontage, Photographs: early staff groups, Photographs: Hospital frontage, Photographs: drawings, Photographs: staff portraits, Photographs: group photographs, Photograph: Drawing of Queen Square House by Dennis Flanders, Photograph: dinner, Photographs: staff groups, Photographs: portraits, Photograph: Senckenberg Institute of Anatomy, Photograph: Senckenberg Institute group, Photograph: Dr C.S. Hallpike F.R.S., Photographs: National Hospital Development Foundation, Photograph: Hospital exterior, Photographs: National Hospital Development Foundation, Photographs: National Hospital Development Foundation, Photographs: nurse graduations, Photographs : students

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Date: c1880-1980 Level: Collection


Keywords: Calm Archives

Compilations: NHNN archives

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